Personalized, Caring Family and Cosmetic Dentistry

Dr. Davidson has been serving the Sweetwater County since 1996, Davidson Family Dental is proud to provide our patients with a comfortable and relaxed dental experience. We always strive to maintain your dental health and beautiful smile with gentle care and personalized service.

Gentle Dental Care Provided with Comfort and Convenience Is Our Top Priority.

We combine a caring touch with a pleasant environment. We have TV’s in our ceilings and the option of nitrous oxide sedation is also available to give you a more relaxed and stress free experience.

The Best In Comprehensive Dental Care.

We can provide you with all types of dental care. Family dentistry including regular check-ups, fillings, extractions, root canals, implant restorations, and periodontal disease treatment.

Cosmetic Dentistry.

Fillings that match tooth colors, porcelain crowns, cosmetic bonding, implant restorations, veneers, and whitening are just a few examples of what Davidson Family Dental can do to improve your smile.

What Makes Us Different?

  • We are always concerned with our patients comfort.
  • We have TV’s in the ceiling with head phones.
  • We are very good with children. We want your child to be at ease when they come visit us. We go the extra mile to see that they are very well taken care of.
  • We will always give you the professional, personalized service you expect. That is our commitment to all of our patients.
  • Our office wants every dental experience to be the best it can be for you.